Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What SEO

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) a technical process of manipulating a website with the aim of optimising or promoting keyword search phrases relevant to that website to the search engines, so they in turn will index the site as highly relevant to that keyword search phrase. Once indexed, the search engine will list the website in its ‘natural listings’.


To increase your web site visibility in search engines
Increase traffic to your web site
Stay ahead of your competition
Increase your ROI

SEO Process An Outline

Process1:Website analysis
Process2:Competitor analysis
Process3:Keyword research
Process4:Keyword identification
Process5:Making your website search engine friendly
Process6:Content optimization
Process7:Page Re-namingLink renaming
Process8:Tag composition
Process9:Creation of site map
Process10:Link popularity building
Process11:Manual submissions to the tope search engines
Process12:Paid inclusion
Process13:Manual submissions to regional search engines
Process14:Competitor monitoring
Process15:Ranking monitoring
Process16:Visitor Reporting

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